Ipswich, Suffolk.

Ipswich is the county town of Suffolk, England, located on the estuary of the River Orwell, about 60 miles north east of London. The town has been continuously occupied since the Saxon period and its port has been one of England's most important for the whole of its history.

Ipswich is a non-metropolitan district. The urban development of Ipswich overspills the borough boundaries significantly, with 75% of the town's population living within the borough at the time of the 2011 Census, when it was the fourth-largest urban area in the United Kingdom's East of England region, and the 42nd largest urban area in England and Wales. Wikipedia

Ipswich Ltd exists to promote Greater Ipswich as a shopping, leisure and business destination; to support enterprise in Greater Ipswich and Suffolk and encourage stronger community integration and cooperation in democracy.

Greater Ipswich

Ipswich Ltd strongly believes a Greater Ipswich (unitary authority) will be a fundamental improvement to Suffolk's county town.

Ipswich's local authority should focus on neighbouring towns in Suffolk rather than always going out of county.

Ipswich must work better with what it has on its doorstep.

A Greater Ipswich should include two parliamentary constituencies (Greater Ipswich West, Greater Ipswich East) and include the surrounding towns and villages as part of the Unitary Authority.

The historic borough boundaries holding back the town needs to go. A concentrated Greater Ipswich hub for Suffolk must include links across county.

Encouraging Democratic Community

Ipswich Ltd is concerned about how undemocratic Ipswich is with taxpayers and voters having very little say.

The Ipswich Vision group and Greater Ipswich Partnership are running the town so elected and taxpayer funded persons and organisations can avoid accountability, transparency and various legislation.

Waving goodbye to needing to hold public meetings, publish agendas and minutes, BIG decisions are being decided which are unpopular with the people. Members of the public have no right to attend, do not know when the meetings are on or where they are scheduled and the matters are secretive.

These groups are behind decisions including Travel Ipswich and the Upper Orwell Crossings (previously known as Wet Dock Crossings)

Promoting Ipswich

Ipswich is a wonderful town with so much to see and do. We also have Constable Country and the Suffolk Coast on our doorstep.

We are setting up Ipswich's first dedicated Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) to promote the town for its history and culture.

Supporting Enterprise

Ipswich Ltd sees so much opportunity for Ipswich to be the heart of a Suffolk Powerhouse.

For Suffolk's towns to actually come together for a super local economy to rival the South East.

Together we can excel in a post-brexit Britain.