Creating a democratic society for Ipswich

Ipswich is poorly run by a Borough Council struggling with victorian boundaries and a County Council that is anti-Ipswich.

The Ipswich Vision group and Greater Ipswich Partnership are running the town so elected and taxpayer funded persons and organisations can avoid accountability, transparency and various legislation. The town has become very undemocratic in recent times, the combined effect of political rift and poor setup means the chances of sustainable boosts to the local economy are slim and very limited.

Ipswich Ltd is focusing on encouraging a democratic society to form to make the much needed changes to support a stronger economy. Suffolk has the people, skills and potential for a Suffolk Powerhouse but under current political structures this is close to impossible. Over time this will mean a lack of jobs.

Parliamentary Realignment

532 years. Ipswich has had two representatives since the 14th Century, 1386, up until 1918. In 1983, the North Western wards were transferred across to Central Suffolk constituency.

Ipswich needs two representatives for the Greater Ipswich area. Ipswich is too large for just one MP.